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All club games are to be considered open at all times unless posted below or in the Unit calendar.
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Valentine Sectional
Four Aces Bridge Club
Glendale, WI
2/15 - 2/18/2023

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GMBA represents the devoted American Contract Bridge League members of southeastern Wisconsin.

January 30, 2023

Mentor Game Wednesday Feb. 1st 6:35 pm

Ocon Mentor/499er Game 6:35 pm Wednesday Feb. 1st Online
4 Aces Mentor/499er Game 6:35 pm Wednesday Feb. 22nd Online
4 Aces Pro/Am Noon Friday Feb. 24th in person

Available to Mentor? Looking for a mentor?
Let me know and I will try to pair up. 

Let's grow the game together. 

Mark Nehs,

January 19, 2023

Unit Members Passing Away Notification

It is the Unit's policy to send The ACBL a donation when a Unit member has passed away.

Greg Renz is the person who advises The ACBL on behalf of The Unit.  Therefore, please advise Greg, preferably via email,
when you know a Unit member has passed away.

Greg's contact information is:
Cell: 414-202-3392

Thank you.

John Pereles
Unit President

January 19, 2023

4 Aces Bridge Club - No Guaranteed Spare 1/26 - 1/31

Peter will be directing my game while I'm out of town.
No guaranteed spare then Thursday 1/26 - Tuesday 1/31.
Come play bridge, but bring a partner.


November 14, 2022


This Tuesday's snow shouldn't be too bad, especially with 
all the snow plows and salt/sand trucks out early, but in the
neighborhoods, people might be re-acquainting themselves 
with winter conditions. 

[It's the last day we can hold it.] 

Our NORMAL winter game rule is whether or not WAUKESHA 
Schools are closed. Local radio broadcasters will let you know. 

If ever you won't be coming due to the weather, call our
HOME PHONE at 262 781-6008 the DAY BEFORE so we can plan. 

If you started out early, are enroute but DELAYED, call my 
CELL PHONE at 262 785-1040 during travel time. Otherwise we 
expect to start the game at the usual time.  

[Pat & I both learned to drive in Minnesota where
we were taught different snow rules than most drivers. 
While y'all were taught to turn the steering wheel
in the direction of your skid to recover, us hardy 
pioneer types were taught to turn the steering wheel 
in the direction of something cheap.] 

Pat & Scot

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