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4 Aces Will Hold It's Virtual Club Games During the Online Regional 
Thursday 4/22, Friday 4/23 and Saturday 4/24

Mondays                              12:45pm Ocon                         6:35pm 4 Aces              

Tuesdays                       12:30pm 299er 4 Aces                          6:35pm Ocon

Wednesdays  9:45am BBAD                                2:10pm 4 Aces        6:35pm Ocon Mentor 1st Wed. & 4 Aces 4th Wed.   499er 4 Aces 2nd/5th or Ocon 3rd

Thursdays     10:05am 299er Ocon                       2:10pm 4 Aces           7:05pm BBAD [1st, 3rd THURSDAY]

Fridays         12:30pm 299er Ocon     2:10pm 4 Aces        6:35pm Ocon             

Saturdays                          12:30pm 299er 4 Aces

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4 Aces, BBAD, Brookfield, Oconomowoc, Racine, and Waukesha club players are all invited to come join us. 
1.5x the normal club game black masterpoints until further notice. 

Play with friends and support your local clubs.

( 4/16/2021 )

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