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Useful BBO Abbreviations

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Now that you've mastered chatting on BBO, here are some common
abbreviations you may find helpful:

p - partner
typ - thank you partner
glp - good luck partner
wdp - well done partner
wpp - well played partner
gtp - good try partner
gj - good job

glo - good luck opponents
wdo - well done opponents

lol - laughing out loud
brb - be right back or bath room break
afk - away from keyboard
pos - parent over shoulder
np - no problem

:) - smile (colon-close parenthesis) smiley face emoji
;) - wink (semicolon-close parenthesis) wink emoji
:( - frown (colon-open parenthesis) frown emoji
!c - clubs (exclamation point-c) clubs symbol
!d - diamonds (exclamation point-d) diamonds symbol
!h - hearts (exclamation point-h) hearts symbol
!s - spades (exclamation point-s) spades symbol

ALL CAPS - shouting (considered rude)

- rico 6/13

( 6/13/2020 )

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