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Casual Private On-Line Bridge Game

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Paul Karas, Jill Polacheck, Henry Sokol and I play social bridge on line.  We have a blast!
It's a private social game, we make comments to each other all the time.

Here's how to set it up on BBO:

1) At home page click casual
2) Click "main bridge club" under find your own game
3) Click start a table found bottom left
4) Type in description - "John's Private Game" for example
5) Move option buttons to reflect what you want - the only option we said yes to was "required permission to play"
6) Fill in directions seats with the 4 player's that will be playing with their BBO names; i.e. mine is 4acesmke
7) There is no time to fill in, you set that up with the 3 other people ahead of time off line.  We decided our game-time to be 2PM
8) As host don't leave the BBO site
9) The other 3 people need to be off the site until the game is set up by the host, once the game is set up by the host, they login in and will see the invitation
10) The hands you play are actual Common Game hands played by others at that time slot and you can compare afterwards to see how you did versus others
11) You can play as long as you like and it's free.  We played 24 hands in 2 hours.

Just another option of playing bridge on-line.

Any questions let me know.


( 4/7/2020 )

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