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Targeted Game Invitations Using Losing Trick Count (LTC)

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9:15 to 11:45 a.m. Thursday Dec. 13th (FYI: Noon session is full) at the Concord Community Center 
W1095 Concord Center Dr Sullivan. This is the class Jim Ricker taught on Nov. 16th and everyone that did 
make it was very glad they did. I plan to spend a little more time on Losing Trick Count. If you are not 
familiar with Game Try Invitations you will want to consider learning about them and possibly adding them
to your game. I think it is much more effective at locating HCP's in each hand than game suit try. 
Seminar will be $10. Please email me if you plan to attend.

Mark Nehs

( 11/29/2018 )

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