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GMBA represents the devoted American Contract Bridge League members of southeastern Wisconsin.

April 3, 2020

Play on BBO Free - Unit 222 & Friends

6:40 p.m. Saturday April 4th
12:25 p.m. Monday April 6th

These will now be run during the Ocon Bridge Club Virtual games for those unable to play and for those just learning how BBO works. 
The tourneys will show up an hour and 45 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.  
Please register early as we have had some issues and this will also allow me time to properly setup the game. 
You can register and then come back at game time. If it fails log off and log back in and try again. 
I must have your BBO name to be able to play. Please send via email or on BBO (I am OconDad).
I cannot make pairings or register for you.  

Log into BBO and go to Competitive > All Tournaments > Scroll down until you see OconDad Unit 222 & Friends Game and click on it >  
3 Options:
    If you have a partner type in and invite them to register as a pair (partner needs to be on BBO as well)
    Go to Partnership Desk Tab and look for a partner and invite them
    Go to Partnership Desk Tab and add your name to the list

Don't be afraid to play with someone you don't know. Add your name to the partnership desk.
You self alert online thus you explain your bid in the explanation box and then bid. BBO is free to register.
These will be games open to all Unit 222 members and friends.
Please continue to check here for updates. Invite friends to join BBO and invite them to a table.
Learn from each other on how this all works. 

Click here for BBO Tutorials

Click here for Support Your Club FAQs

Mark Nehs, OconDad on BBO,

April 3, 2020

Myrna Grossman's Husband Passed Away

Myrna's husband passed away.  I'm sure cards and condolence calls to Myra would be appreciated.


April 3, 2020

Virtual Club Games Oconomowoc Bridge Club

6:30 p.m. Saturday April 4th 20 or 21 Boards
12:15 p.m Monday April 6th 20 or 21 Boards
6:30 p.m. Tuesday April 7th 20 or 21 Boards
12:15 p.m. Wednesday April 8th 20 or 21 Boards
10:30 a.m. Thursday April 9th 18 Boards 199er Game
6:30 p.m. Friday April 10th 20 or 21 Boards
What: ACBL Black Point Club Game
Awards: ACBL Black Masterpoints and BBO Points
Entry fee: 5 BB$
Strats: Field is split 1/3 A, 1/3 B, & 1/3 C by Avg. masterpoints between the two players

Play online with club members for black masterpoints. You must have your ACBL # attached to your BBO Account
and have played at the Oconomowoc Bridge Club in the last 12 months to play in these games. 
ACBL will provide the list of eligible players for the tourneys to me. You must be on the include list. 
If you want to check send me an email or message me on BBO username OconDad or VACB273110.
Many non regulars are on the approved list so you may want to check.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Games are listed on BBO 2 hours before Game Time
BBO homepage go to "COMPETITIVE"
look for VACB273110 Ocon Bridge Club click on the game (click anywhere but on the VACB273110 to enter to register)
Invite your partner or Go to the "Partnership Desk" tab to find one or add your name
Both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register
No robots.

You must have BB$ to pay for the game. If you need to purchase BB$ click on the BB$ button on BBO 
and you can purchase via credit card or paypal. They charge extra to buy on your phone. 
If you need to attach your ACBL # Go to ACBL World on BBO and click on "Update your ACBL number". ACBL will be updating the list daily.
We have several players that have their ACBL # attached to an old BBO account. 
Please send a message to BBO Help to tell them the correct info to make sure it is right.      

199er or any limited game you must be an ACBL member and it must be registered with BBO. 
This is the only way they will be able to tell you do not have more than 199 masterpoints. 

Discuss with your Club manager Virtual Club options.  

Mark Nehs,, BBO usernames OconDad & VACB273110

April 2, 2020

ACBL Virtual Club Games

While there are 3 support your local club games on BBO daily, The ACBL is staggering the introduction of ACBL Virtual Club Games.

I don't know how soon this will happen, stay tuned to The Unit website for more information.

Spread the word.

On behalf of the club managers in Unit 222, thank you for playing in the support your local club games.

John Pereles
4 Aces Bridge Club

April 1, 2020

4PM BBO Club Support Gametime Changed and They Fill Up Super Fast

Starting April 1, the 4PM BBO club support game time changed to 4:10PM.  Why, who knows.

Even though BBO increased the club support games to 600 pair, the 4:10 game fills up in less than 10 minutes.  I suggest you and your partner be online at 2:10

The 9AM game, doesn't fill up quite so quick.  I suggest you sign up by 7:30am though.

I have not played in the 6:30 event to know how fast it fills up but I would image similar to the 4:10 game, less than 10 minutes.

Sign up for these games starts 2 hours before game time.  Both players have to be on line to register but only one signs up the pair.  At the home page:

competitive - ACBL tournaments - scroll to bottom and find host ACBLSYC - click on title of the event

Just food for thought.

On behalf of the GMBA club managers, thank you for participating in these on line games to support local clubs.

While I'm no expert.  Any questions let me know.


April 1, 2020

Fill out convention cards on BBO

You should have a convention card filled out online in BBO for each partner you play with.

1) Once logged in click on account
2) click convention cards (at top)
3) click new ACBL convention card
4) Partner - is your partner's BBO login name
5) when done click save changes
6) click back to get out of convention card mode

Any questions let me know.

John Pereles

March 30, 2020

Adding ACBL # to Your BBO Accout

It is important to realize to receive master points earned when playing on BBO that your ACBL number must be included in your account.

If your ACBL number was not entered when you created your profile the following steps are taken to do so:

1) At the home page click on ACBL World in featured areas
2) Click on "update your ACBL number" at the bottom
3) Add your ACBL # and click update


March 29, 2020

BBO Speedball - IMP's or Match Points

Just a thought to check when you play speedball as to whether the game is an IMP or a match point game.

It might make a difference on how the hand is bid or played.


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