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All club games are to be considered open at all times unless posted below or in the Unit calendar.
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GMBA represents the devoted American Contract Bridge League members of southeastern Wisconsin.

October 5, 2021




All ACBL BBO Virtual Club Oct 11th to the 17th Club Appreciation games double regular club game masterpoints all black.  

Mondays               12:45 pm Ocon            6:35pm 4 Aces              

Tuesdays                                       6:35pm Ocon

Wednesdays                                 6:35pm Ocon Mentor 1st Wed. & 4 Aces 4th Wed.   499er 4 Aces 2nd/5th or Ocon 3rd

Thursdays                 10:05am 299er Ocon      

Fridays                   12:50pm 299er Ocon    6:35pm Ocon             

Saturdays                  12:30pm 299er 4 Aces

Click here for 4 Aces Bridge Club Results
Click here for Ocon Bridge Club Results

4 Aces, BBAD, Brookfield, Oconomowoc, Racine, and Waukesha club players are all invited to come join us. 

Play with friends and support your local clubs.

September 6, 2021

RDBC Members passing.

I was just informed last night that two for our members have passed.
Harold Dwiggins past on Wednesday September 1, 2021 and Judy Hlavka passed early morning September 5, 2021.
Both were long time members of our club and will be deeply missed.
Our heart felt condolences go out to their family and friends.

Hank Kensler

August 29, 2021

$4 FALLBACK FALL in Waukesha Schuetze $4

Come and take advantage of our FALLBACK Fall prices!

On the occasion of re-opening the Waukesha Bridge Centers starting September, The Tuesday and Thursday games will be $4/game for the next three months. 

We know players want larger games, and all that takes is more players! Take advantage of these prices to re-introduce yourselves to LIVE PLAY. 

Game time is 11:30 AM

COVID CARDS REQUIRED for everyone's safety. Masks are optional. 

Questions? Call Pat or Scot at 262 781-6008. See you soon!

July 5, 2021

RDBC Games Update

The Racine Duplicate Bridge Club is open for in person play on Mondays and Fridays with a 12:15 PM start time.
Reservations are no longer required, but advanced notification would be appreciated.
The Tuesday evening game will be held at 6:30 PM only if there are enough players.  Notification of a game being held will be posted on this page in a separate news item. 
The club requires all attendees to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination.  The wearing of a mask is no longer
required, but attendees should know that these rules only apply to a room rented by the bridge club during our game time.
The room is part of a larger facility that has no restrictions on attendance, mask wearing, or vaccination. 
Please do not attend if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting any covid, flu or cold-like symptoms.
The facility is undergoing outside renovations and is closed to the public until 3:00 PM on Mondays.
The building is open to the club via the south doors, where we normally enter, just East of the new concrete patio.

Contact Henry Kensler, Club Manager (262) 652-6173 with questions.

May 13, 2020

BBO Miscellaneous Information

BBO now has two main servers. Thus two sections on the same website:

When you are playing in the Casual area, you will not see players connected to the main BBO server, 
and vice versa. This means someone playing an ACBL tournament for example will not see in the list 
of online players his friend who is playing in the Main Bridge Club.

When you are playing in the Casual area you will NOT be automatically taken to your tournament, 
if you are registered for an upcoming game. So if you register for a Virtual Club Game and want to play
a few hands in Main Club until it starts, you might miss your game. Remember to switch back to 
the Competitive area with a few minutes before your tournament is scheduled to start.

The link below is from the Dallas Bridge Club. Click on the link and then scroll down until you see the BBO tutorial section. 

Click here for BBO tutorials

You should have a convention card filled out online in BBO for each partner you play with.
1) Once logged in click on account
2) click convention cards (at top)
3) click new ACBL convention card
4) Partner - is your partner's BBO login name
5) when done click save changes
6) click back to get out of convention card mode

To add your ACBL # to your login:
1) Click on ACBL World
2) Click update your ACBL number at the bottom
3) Add your ACBL number and click update
Your ACBL number must be listed to get master points on BBO.

All MP Limited games players must be ACBL members with there ACBL numbers attached to there BBO accounts. 
ACBL has advised no exceptions. Must be attached at least 24 hours prior to game time. 
New ACBL members may take up to 4 days to process. 

If you don't want to buy BB$ online you may mail them a check along with your BBO login name to:
Bridge Base On Line LLC 9030 West Sahara Avenue #710 Las Vegas, NV 89117

If you feel you mis-click often in bidding or playing a card, there is an option to confirm your bid or card played to avoid this:
   1) Click the account tab
   2) Click settings
   3) Toggle the bar to confirm bids
   4) Toggle the bar to confirm cards
This will mean you will tap each twice before the bid or card is played.

Looking out for cheaters... The ACBL (and many of you), are concerned about the ability for a pair to cheat using
the online engine. They are improving their program that runs in the background to pick up unusual bids and play
of the hand. If someone is flagged, then they will be expelled from ACBL and all their points taken away.  
Apparently, the onus will be on the players to prove that they didn't cheat and not for ACBL to prove they did.

What happens with late finishers in ACBL BBO Games? 
You are automatically taken to the next hand - try and forget about the previous one.
The computer program, looks at the tricks already played and if towards the end of the hand or the outcome is obvious it automatically adjusts the score. All players will be notified of the adjustment.
If it can't do that, then the director is notified. We look at it decide if we can determine a normal and clear bridge result. If we can we will adjust the score. We do our best. 
If too early and not clear Average is awarded Ave==. 
Of course, when you see the score you can ask for it to be checked, but carry on playing as we can adjust for 15 minutes after the game as well. Do not make for another late play whether the 1st one was your fault or not. 

If somehow you lose the internet connection when playing in a game, don't panic.

1. Try to login in and if you can't get in, just keep trying, you'll get in eventually.
2. Someone at the table should call the director and let them know.  The director will try and get a substitute until the person comes back online.
3. When you come back online, you will automatically be reinserted into the game at the next hand.
4. Partner of the person who gets disconnected, please don't leave.  Your partner will be back.

June 20, 2019

Unit Members Passing Away Notification

It is the Unit's policy to send The ACBL a donation when a Unit member has passed away.

Maxine Cohn is the person who advises The ACBL on behalf of The Unit.  Therefore, please advise Maxine, preferably via email,
when you know a Unit member has passed away.

Maxine's contact information is:
Cell: 414-581-9493

Thank you.

John Pereles
Unit President

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