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Prog TEAM Qualifier LX FoxPoint
3/4/2015   6:00 PM

Prog TEAM Qualifier LX FoxPoint
3/5/2015   11:50 AM

Club Championship LX FoxPoint
3/25/2015   6:00 PM

Club Championship LX FoxPoint
3/26/2015   11:50 AM

Charity Game LX FoxPoint
4/1/2015   6:00 PM

ACBL-Wide Charity Game LX FoxPoint
4/2/2015   11:50 AM

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GMBA represents the devoted American Contract Bridge League members of southeastern Wisconsin.

February 25, 2015

Hartford March 3rd Game Changed

There will not be enough tables at Hartford on Tuesday,
March 3rd to play a team qualifying game for the Prgoressive
Sectional.  The game will be changed to a regular pair game.

Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.

Sandy O'Brien
February 25, 2015

February 23, 2015

Qualifying Sanction Numbers

For those who want the sanction numbers for the Progressive sectional qualifying, the pair qualifiers are SQ1502098 and the team qualifiers are SQ1503152.

Peter wilke
Feb. 23

February 21, 2015

Registration for Progressive Team Game Wednesday March 4th

This Wednesday is the Progressive Pair Game at BBaD. At that time 
please register your teams for the following Wednesday’s (March 4th) 
Progressive Qualifying Team game. Pairs looking for teammates may 
also register and we will try to match you. Jan Stimpert (262) 422-9747 
can help with partnerships, or myself. I will have a spare in case one of 
your team members is unable to come at the last minute. I try to have 
all the teams entered into the computer in advance to save time, but last 
minute teams may be added as well.

 Any questions? Please call me at (262) 370-9578.

Lynette 2/21/15

January 30, 2015

Shalom Bridge Entrance Change

I have been informed that due to what is going on in Israel, Shalom is taking extra security precautions.
The main entrance until further notice, is no longer usable for entering. The main entrance doors can be used for exiting.
Please use the administrative entrance off of the alley.  You will have to be buzzed in if no one is there.
We will post someone there to let you in until a few minutes before game time.

John Pereles

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